Explain the death and grieving in different cultures


The final part of your project will require research. You can use the internet, books, pamphlets, etc. as long as you give credit within your paper.

Death is approached differently by different groups and cultures. You can choose any culture or religious group and research their philosophy, traditions, beliefs, practices, etc.

After you have gathered your data, compile a 2 page double spaced paper typed in Times New Roman 10 or 12 review of your results. All papers should be completed in Microsoft Word and submitted as an attachment under the assignment tab on the main webpage.

You must use outside sources and document them within the text using MLA or APA style and include a resource page.

Your subject matter should be appropriate for an academic paper.

Remember use correct terminology and give details of your observation (i.e. context, distractions, behaviors, reactions, etc.) Your paper should begin with an introductory paragraph of your subject including age and where the evaluation took place (i.e. family room, backyard, park, etc.) The body of your paper should be a detailed account of your observation. For example, "Joe attempted to make a three block tower but was only able to place two blocks before the blocks fell." Your paper should end with a conclusion paragraph should be a summation of your results and how well your subject completed the assigned tasks.

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