Explain some aspect of the covid pandemic


Explain some aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic-and your experience of it-to someone 50 years in the future. What is this virus, and what does it do? How did it start; how did it spread? When did you become aware of the problem? When and how did you begin to be directly affected by it? As the world has responded to the pandemic, what are some of the interesting things you've observed in your neighborhood, at work, among your family and friends, or elsewhere in the community? And where do things currently stand? Your primary research, then, will involve your own experiences over the past couple years-what you've done and seen, who you've talked to. And ultimately, your essay will tell your (future) reader a story about life during this historic time. Essay should be 1650 words and make use of at least five secondary sources.

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English: Explain some aspect of the covid pandemic
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