Explain platos perspective regarding the arts and music


1. How would we best describe the pre-Socratic philosophic tradition as related to metaphysical speculation in the thought of Thales of Miletus, Leucippus, and Democitus, and what progression of metaphysical thought is evidenced in their respective conclusions?

2. Discuss the Sophist according to epistemic peculiarity of their thought giving specific attention to the conclusions of Protagorus, Pericles, and the manner in which their thought laid the foundation for philosophical skepticism.

3. Discuss Plato's Republic, and his reactionary understanding of the ideal state, and how these conclusions regarding the state were shaped by the death of Plato's teacher, Socrates.

4. Explain Plato's perspective regarding the arts, music, sexuality, and the role these things should occupy in Plato's ideal state.

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Other Subject: Explain platos perspective regarding the arts and music
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