Explain impact of endocrine disruptor on endocrine system


The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences defines endocrine disruptors as chemicals that can interfere or affect the functioning of the hormones within the endocrine system. These chemicals can thus disrupt the normal functioning of reproduction, growth, and development of body tissues as well as cause other health problems.


For this discussion, pick an endocrine disruptor as the focus of your discussion. Try to pick one that is unique from your peers.

  1. Discuss where this endocrine disruptor is found and explain how the human body is exposed to this type of disruptor.
  2. Explain the impact of this endocrine disruptor on the endocrine system, including the hormone and gland involved.
  3. Compare this to the normal functioning of the hormone and gland.
  4. Discuss the short term versus the long term exposure to this type of disruptor on the body and any health consequences that can result from it.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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Biology: Explain impact of endocrine disruptor on endocrine system
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