Explain how gender roles in the movie are different-similar

Assignment task: Please watch Casablanca. I have intentionally picked a movie that is from a time period that is not our own. It is often easier to objectively examine a different culture, whether removed by geography or time, from our own.

Q1. What characteristics and actions that you observed in one of the leading male characters in the movie are generally associated with boys and men in our society? What characteristics and traits exhibited by the leading female character do you think are typically associated with girls and women?

Q2. Explain how the gender roles in the movie are different and similar to those in our own day.

Q3. Are there any major social institutions or structures in the movie that help give shape to the understanding or expectations of gender?

Q4. Explain why you believe the similarities that you observed between the time period depicted in this movie and our own still persist? Do you think they will continue to persist 50 years from now and why or why not?

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Other Subject: Explain how gender roles in the movie are different-similar
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