Ethics and the it auditor

Task: Ethics and the IT Auditor:

Jill Mathews, an IT audit senior for a global insurance company, was recently asked to perform an IT audit of the company's new cloud computing and virtualization migration plan. Her Manager asks that she perform the audit in the next four weeks. She is not familiar with these new technologies, and is worried about being able to complete the requirements of this audit. What are the ethical considerations and requirements Jill should consider?

Audit Standards - Independence:

The IT Audit Director is responsible for monitoring the weekly security access control report and can instruct the security administration team to make access related changes to user IDs and profiles based on her risk analysis. Explain why this is or is not an appropriately designed control procedure.

HINT: Think critically about the audit profession's professional standards regarding independence.

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Business Law and Ethics: Ethics and the it auditor
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