Elements of public health to violent crime prevention


You will have to answer the questions below with 160 words each. Please follow each and every question instructions. The first question you will have to watch the video to complete your answer. You will find also attached will help you answer the following questions.

Question 1 Do you think it is important for terrorism in U.S. history to be a more understood topic in this country? Explain your stands using examples from the video?

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Question 2 "The world community carefully avoided defining the ungoing violence as genocide since to do so would have called attention to the situation and increased pressure to intervene" why would a global audiences plead ignorance and show reluctance to intervene?

Question 3 How does the United nation decision to explode political groups from the ranks of those vulnerable to genocide make defining genocide that much more problematic?

Question 4 List and describe the 6 main elements of the public health approach to violent crime prevention?


Genocide-Toward violence Prevention-Terrorism

By Alex Alvarez and Ronet Bachman

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Business Law and Ethics: Elements of public health to violent crime prevention
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