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Education is very important function inany country in the world. It helps in creating a strong foundation for our young ones to develop into economically viable adults. The gravity of health problems facing children because of poor eating habits has been on the rise. Lunch programs in national schools are very significant since they have a direct implication on the health and well-being of the students. Is the National School Lunch Program any better since the First Lady made recommendations? Do the authorities have an idea on how to improve the situation?

They are some of the burning questions that the paper examines with the view of finding a working solution.
First, it is imperative that I commend the government for thinking of making changes to the program after 15 years. Some might argue that the change was long overdue, but I believe the move ushers a new era where the lunch program will keep improving.

The changes proposed by the First Lady include the need to increase vegetables and fruits. The recommendations also involve reducing the use of sodium, saturated fat and Trans fats. Nutrition is critical to healthy growth and overall learning process. Therefore, much needs to be done to ensure the quality of food taken by children under the national school lunch program is improved.

The situation can be improved further by exploring additional options that I am willing to provide. The nutrition problem is schools are also affected by the availability of café and vending machines that are always ready to provide junk food. The government should consider working on the issue students being able to access junk food. Moreover, many national schools do not have the finances to cater for the changes that have been proposed by the government. It is necessary to focus on defining the foundational problem that mars the lunch program quality in many national schools.

The lunch situation in our schools is extremely lacking. Professionals have pointed the levels of sodium and Trans fats that around in these foods. Many schools are not able to provide lunch that meets that quality standards that have been outlined by the USDA (Larsen, 2014). The lunches found in most schools bear little resemblance to real food. In most cases, one would find the schools provided foods that have been highly processed like chicken nuggets. Unfortunately, these foods do not have significant dietary components that could help in improving health. The problem is not only in the official school lunch program. There are la carte services where students can be purchased virtually anything they want.

I have taken time to examine the situation in our schools. I am certain I can provide a viable solution. I would be honored to give a presentation on a plan that I believe would help solve the problem of too much junk food in our schools. I would give a comprehensive presentation to all the concerned professionals who are willing to do something about the food that children eat at school.



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