Draft a written memo of no more than 6-8 pages do any legal

You are no longer a student in MGMT265 --  you are the Governor of Georgia.  Members of one of the political parties in the Georgia General Assembly  are going to fight to raise the Georgia Minimum Wage to $10.10/hour. You are aware, of course, even though most folks are not, that each state has the right to raise the hourly wage of all workers covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act to more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 - they cannot, however, set a MW below $7.25. The political party absolutely has the votes to get the bill passed in both the House and the Senate, but they do NOT have the votes to overcome your veto of the bill if it comes to you for your signature and you decide to oppose the minimum wage bill.  Therefore, it is  a virtual certainty that one person is going to determine if the Georgia minimum wage is raised this year to $10.10  and that person is..............you.

You are an intelligent person and you know that - as usual in politics and government -- there are plenty of "pros" and plenty of "cons" on this issue.  You decide you will draft a memo - of no more than 6-8 pages -- and list the best arguments both for and againstraising the MW. You will consult the Internet for research 411 in putting together the memo but you understand that you only have a limited time to put the memo together before you must consult with your top legal and political advisers about your memo and its arguments.

To summarize:

Draft a written memo of no more than 6-8 pages Do any legal research and netsurfing you need to locate and analyze the current debate List the best 4 reasons available in favor of raising the minimum wage and the best 4 reasons available  against raising the minimum wage Don't act as if you are corporate president, who might well be against raising the minimum wage  - or, on the other hand, a brand new fry cook at McDonalds, who would embrace the raise. Try to be fair, objective, balanced & reasonable. There are rationale arguments on both sides of this issue. Finally, after you have laid out the arguments on both sides: What do you think? Should the Georgia MW be raised $2.85/hour to $10.10 or not? Why?

Do not worry too much if your memo is 4 pages, 5, 6 or 7-8 pages. Make sure you cover the debate competently and fairly and then offer your personal opinion on what you, as "Governor" should do. Please feel free to insert useful charts, graphs, tables, etc. etc.

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Business Law and Ethics: Draft a written memo of no more than 6-8 pages do any legal
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