Do you get the same impression from the two forms

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On the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Third Edition (WAIS-III), Ms. VESID achieved a verbal scale standard score (VIQ) of 90, a performance scale standard score (PIQ) of 94, and a full scale standard score (FSIQ) of 91. These scores have a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. Specific subtest results are as follows:

Verbal Subtests :

X=10, S.D.=3

Vocabulary 7

Similarities 11

Arithmetic 8

Digit Span 12

Information 4

Comprehension 8

Letter Number Sequence (12)

VIQ = 90


Performance Subtests:

X=10 S.D.=3

Picture Completion 8

Digit Symbol 11

Block Design 9

Matrix Reasoning 9

Picture Arrangement 9

Symbol Search 11


PIQ = 94

The WASI - Brief Version of the WAIS-III would yield:

Vocabulary - 7

Similarities - 11

Block Design - 9

Matrix Analogies - 9

Question 1: Do you get the same impression from the two forms? What is the impression from each version?

Question 2: What areas of concern are shown on the WAIS - III that does not show up using the WASI?

Question 3: How would you investigate and resolve the difference in conclusions bewteen the WAIS-II and the WASI?

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Basic Statistics: Do you get the same impression from the two forms
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