Discussion on cigarette consumption

The following argument gradually increase in difficulty. Use the method presented in this section to construct argument patterns. If a statement is redundant or plays no role in the argument, do not include it in the pattern.

1 Cigarette consumption could be easily reduced by simply outlawing tailor-made cigarettes.

2 The manufacture of tailor-made cigarettes to American standards is a high-tech industry.

3 It cannot be done in small illicit labs like the processing of PCP, cocaine or heroin.

4 The availability of quality tobacco for hand-rolling would discourage the development of an illegal tailor-made market.

5 Most people would not pay the premium prices demanded by an illicit market for a product of unknown quality.

6 They could roll a high-quality product for themselves.

7 Truly addicted persons would continue to smoke no matter how inconvenient. But

8 most would give it up as too much bother before it became a deeply ingrained habit.


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