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Parents whose babies are admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) need support. Whether their baby's stay is brief or long, uncomplicated or complex, a NICU stay changes how they care for their infant and how they will parent once they are discharged. While we know a NICU stay is traumatic for most parents, the consequences of a family's time spent in the NICU do not need to be negative ones. Supportive NICU teams can use the time a family is in the NICU to engage in a well-designed discharge preparation and transition planning program. These programs can have a lasting positive impact on both the infant's health and the family's wellbeing.

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The scientific method and experimental design (variables and groups) that you expect to see in this study based on just the information in the abstract.

How effective would this abstract be?

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Biology: Discussion about neonatal intensive care unit
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