Discuss validity scales and how each one assesses validity


You will review a major personality measure, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2). Your review will consist of two parts:

For this part, you will prepare a brief overview of the history and development of the MMPI-2 (approximately 1 page). Address:

type of psychological test

a brief description of the instrument

the administration, scoring and interpretation

a statement about the reliability and validity

any social/cultural/ethical issues pertinent to the test.

In this part, you will evaluate the test's validity. Be sure to address:

Is the MMPI-2 high or low on content validity and face validity? Explain why.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a test with high face validity?

Discuss the four Validity scales and how each one assesses validity.

Be sure to support your conclusions with information drawn from the online content, the textbook, and other credible, scholarly sources to substantiate the points you are making. Apply APA standards to writing and citations to your work.

The response should include a reference list. Double-space, using Times New Roman 12 pnt font, one-inch margins, and APA style of writing and citations.

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Other Subject: Discuss validity scales and how each one assesses validity
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