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We briefly took a look at civility in a TEDtalk video. Our discussion forum also addressed the issue of civility. As you go through college, you will encounter a greater variety of people from all kinds of backgrounds. It is increasingly important in our society today to maintain civility as we interact with others. What exactly is civility?

For this assignment write a five paragraph essay explaining the definition of civility and its importance in education. Be sure to follow the steps below to find an article that addresses the issue and incorporate at least one quote and one paraphrase from the article to support your ideas.

Assignment Steps

1. Use EBSCOhost to find a scholarly article pertaining to the topic of civility and education.

a. Using "Academic Search Complete" in EBSCOhost:

i. Type the words "civility and education" in the search bar.

ii. Go to the left sidebar to limit your search to "Full Text" and "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals."

iii. In the left sidebar, you select "Academic Journals" for the Source Types.

iv. Find one article that seems appealing to you. It is essential that you chose an article you comprehend fully since you will be required to discuss a quote and a paraphrase from the article and demonstrate its relevance to your topic. If you don't find any article of interest, try different phrasing like "civility in schools", "manners in education", "conflict in schools", etc.

b. Download the PDF Full Text and save a copy of that article on a flash drive or on your computer.

2. Prepare a summary of the article.

a. As you read the article, pause after each paragraph and jot down the main point of that paragraph.

b. Use your own words - do not copy the authors' words.

c. Find ideas that you want to either quote directly or paraphrase in your paper. (Look for an idea that is so powerful, you cannot put it into your own words.)

d. Note the page number where the idea comes from.

3. Write a five paragraph essay on civility in education utilizing the resources from steps 1 and 2.

a. Your paper should be at least 750 words

b. Use an introduction that has as attention grabbing opening sentence, background information on your thesis, previews your main idea/thesis and the subtopics, and transitions to the next paragraph

c. Write three supporting paragraphs with topic sentences, based on the subtopics, which enhance and extend the thesis statement.

i. Include descriptions or examples of civility

ii. Cite your sources

1. Paraphrases must be highlighted in yellow

2. Direct quotes must be highlighted in blue

iii. Don't simply drop your quote or paraphrase into a paragraph. Introduce the quote and the author before using it, and explain the quote's relevance to your topic afterward.

d. Include a concluding paragraph that provides an appropriate closing to your essay by reviewing your thesis and subtopics, giving evidence of new learning or conclusions based on your research and writing on this topic, and gives a provocative closing sentence.

4. List your sources in a References page at the end of your paper.

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