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As we have studied, actions and decisions of criminal justice professionals are limited by the U.S. Constitution, state constitutions, state statutes, and department policies and procedures. All criminal justice professionals face ethical dilemmas or issues at some point in their career.

Review the scenario below.

1. You are a sergeant in the local police department. Over the weekend, you attended your niece's high school graduation party. You pose with a picture with your niece, which she posts on her Facebook page. The photo shows her holding a beer. The legal drinking age in your state is 21.

2. A citizen sees the Facebook page and calls and complains to the Chief, asking why the Chief lets her officers consume alcohol with minors.

For your initial post, identify and discuss the ethical dilemma. As Chief, how would you handle the complaint against the officer? What standards would apply in the scenario?

For your reply post, respond to peer who identified a different ethical dilemma from what you discussed. Compare and contrast your dilemma/scenario and offer another solution to the scenario.

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