Discuss the concepts of tort law which anne would say makes

Introduction to Business Law Coursework Assignment

These three questions must be answered. The word count for this assignment is 2000 words ( +/-10%).

Question 1

European legislation, British parliamentary legislation, and the courts are each sources by which English law is made.

Discuss how each source creates law, using ONE example at least of each source in action. (30 marks)

Question 2

(1) Ann reads a magazine and sees an advertisement by the Computer Shop. The advertisement is for the sale of a lap top at £300. Ann thinks this is a bargain and she goes into the shop to buy it. The sales assistant Bill says that the laptop will cost her £700 rather than the advertised price of £300.

With reference to case law advise Ann on her legal position.

(2) Adam wants to buy some glue and a picture frame. He goes into a hardware shop and buys the picture frame .Before he buys the glue he tells Bob, the shopkeeper, that he wants to buy industrial strength glue because he will be using it to stick a heavy wooden plaque to a wall. The shopkeeper then sells him a tube of ‘Big Glue'. When Adam gets home he discovers that the ‘Big Glue' cannot be used on a wooden surface and therefore he cannot use it to stick the heavy wooden plaque to the wall.

He then opens the box containing the picture frame and finds that it is covered in scratches and is badly dented.

With reference to statute and case law advise Adam on his legal rights.

Question 3

Anne is a young woman who was thinking of having laser eye surgery. The Clearview High street salon displayed tempting posters offering cheap eye surgery. There was a slight risk that the operation might go wrong, but this was not mentioned on the posters - only the benefits of a successful operation. The risks were not properly described to Anne. Anne was required to sign a consent form before the operation took place. As a result of the operation, Anne's sight was damaged to such an extent that she could no longer work in her career, she had to wear dark glasses all the time.

With reference to decided cases, discuss the concepts of tort law which Anne would say makes Clearview plc liable to pay significant damages to Anne AND any points that Clearview plc might say in their defence.


The assignment must show evidence of research and reading, you must make adequate reference to case law and statute. A bibliography of resources used must be included. The Harvard reference system must be used.

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