Discuss the concept of manifest destiny


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In this lesson we discussed the concept of Manifest Destiny and how Americans used it during the 1800s as one of the many justifications for westward expansion. The painting above captures the essence of the Manifest Destiny spirit. Examine the American Progress painting carefully and then write a one paragraph (4 to 5 sentences) response explaining how the details of this painting capture the spirit, conflict, and effects of Manifest Destiny during the period.

Western Expansion Questions:

1. Describe the construction of the transcontinental railroad (answer in at least 2 complete sentences)

2. What effect did the transcontinental railroad have on the United States? (Include at least 4 effects in your response)

3. What is a "boom town"? What areas in the west participated in this development?

4. In a paragraph, describe life in a typical mining town.

5. How did ranchers get their cattle to market? Discuss this process using at least 2 sentences.

6. The reading lists several cowboy myths and refutes them with reality. Pick any two and discuss the myth and reality below.



Myth -2:


7. The work of a cowboy was difficult and dangerous. Explain in at least 2 complete sentences.

8. What developments led to the end of the long drive? Be sure to include at least 2 developments in your response.

9. Who was Benjamin "Pap" Singleton? What did he do?

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History: Discuss the concept of manifest destiny
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