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Answer these questions.

Questions: Answer fully and in detail.

1. How would you define the American Dream? How important is money as a measure of success?

2. Is this idea unique to the USA? Is there a Canadian, British or Scandinavian dream? Was it originally intended to be unique to the USA?

3. As individuals, do we have a right to expect certain things to be provided by the system, such as health care, education, minimum level of subsistence, food/ shelter, etc.?

4. Is the American dream still a possibility for those who are new to this country?

5. Is it still realistic to think about becoming wealthy in this country?

6. How would you answer critics who say that the "American Dream" has become the "American Daydream" with hopes of a lottery win or TV show fame rather than hard work?

7. What role-if any-should government assume in keeping the dream alive?

8. The American Dream is almost impossible to separate from our work ethic...should we pay more attention to the non-work part of our lives? The Europeans say that we live to work and they work to live. Who comes closer to the ideal?

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