Discuss resolution language-physical engagement with self


Learners will craft a "Rule of Life," (making use of Macchia's "Crafting a Rule of Life" text, and supplemental resources, e.g., Video Examples from https://ruleoflife.com/videos/). Learners will craft their rule of life so that is a serious one-page, "suitable for framing" document. One additional page, single space, is required, explaining how this "Rule" allows you to live your values resolutions through your explicit: Priorities, Postures, Practices and Projects. Note on Formatting: It is suggested that these four terms be used as an organizing pattern for your rule, but this is optional (offered for those, needing a format to get started).

Consider the use of, resolution language: "Resolved, physical engagement with self, family and nature is fundamental to my well-being, that I purpose to immerse myself in the great outdoors at least once daily, with an inner commitment to express gratitude prayerfully for what I find there, within myself, family and nature.

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss resolution language-physical engagement with self
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