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Question: Interview Notes . Helends 48 years old and files as single. "Her 2028 adjustedgross income (AGH is $51,000, which includes gambling winnings of $2,000. . Helen would likecorremize her deductions this year. . Helen brings documents for the following expenses: o $9,000 Hospital and doctor Bills o $500 Contributions to Health Savings Account (HSA) $3,600 State withholding (higher than Helen's calculated state sales tax deduction) o $300 Personal property taxes based on the value of the vehicle $400 Friend's personal GoFundMe campaign o $275 Cash. contributions to the Red Cross o $200 Fair market value of clothing in good condition donated to the Salvation Army (Helen purchased clothing for $900) o $7,300 Mortgage interest o $2,300 Real estate tax o $150 Homeowners association fees o $3,000 Gambling losses 12. Helen is eligible to claim $2,000 in gambling losses as a deduction on her Schedule A. O a. True b. False



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Accounting Basics: Discuss on gambling losses as a deduction
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