Discuss confucius views about attributes of a moral ruler



Remember, that your papers should be argumentative. Take a stand on a philosophical issue and develop that stand with points that you incorporate into an overall pattern of reasoning. The papers should be 7 to 9 double spaced pages.

TOPIC: What would Confucius say regarding the not so Moral Political Climate of Leaders Today? Please respond in articulate, college level writing content that needs zero editing, in final draft presentation, using citations to avoid plagiarism. Seeking A grade? Stay relevant and on topic?

Consider Confucius' views about the attributes of a moral ruler. Does it seem like these attributes can be had even by one who rules in a state that is not democratic. Democracy was, of course, a system of government unknown in Confucius' time and place. Can, say, a monarch be a moral ruler in today's political climate, if we follow Confucius' thinking? Explain what your answer says about whether the system of government (e.g. Democratic,) we live under is more important than the actual character of our leaders?

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History: Discuss confucius views about attributes of a moral ruler
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