Discuss about policing-legal aspects


Each student is required to prepare a news article review that relates to the Unit 2 area of study - Policing

The article reviewed may not be older than 30 days and must originate from a local Los Angeles,CA news source

*the Los Angeles Times,

*Daily Tribune,

*Inland Valley

*Daily Bulletin or the electronic versions of these publications.

Articles related to the administration of justice in California are preferred. International articles will not receive credit.

Each student will prepare a typewritten review of the article in APA format which summarizes the article and identifies the topic, chapter and page number of the text material related to the article in the text portion of the paper.

The article review should not exceed one typewritten page but summarizes the article sufficiently. All Unit News Articles must be submitted through Turnitin. A plagiarism/similarity check will be done to ensure original work. Plagiarism percentages are not to exceed 20%.

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss about policing-legal aspects
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