Discuss a major concepts to a kickstarter project



For this assignment, students are required to apply chapter major concepts to a Kickstarter project in a paper. Kickstarter provides video content plus specific details about each project on its website.

  • Students should choose a Kickstarter project in which they are interested.
  • To do this, go to https://www.kickstarter.com/ and click on Explore at the top left of the page header.
  • From there, a list of categories is provided so that students can choose a project that matches their interests and experiences.
  • Go to the Discussion Board and click on the Module Three/Kickstarter discussion. Click Create Thread on the next screen. Then type in the name of the full Kickstarter project in the subject line, and submit. Once a student has selected a Kickstarter project and posted the name of that project in this discussion board, no other student is permitted to use that project for this assignment. Also, once a project is picked by any student in the course, that project is not allowed to be used in any future assignments. Contact your professor with questions about this.
  • This allows students to avoid working together on a project and it also provides students with maximum freedom to work on their own project.

Students will evaluate the Kickstarter project and explain how each of the concepts applies to the project. The focus is on correct application of chapter major concepts. This is not an assignment that requires students to "find the answers." It requires students to apply the chapter major concepts in their own words to the project.

The chapter major concepts the students will need to write about as applied to the project and context of the project are as follows:

  • Major concepts are: continuous process, just-in-time inventory control, lean manufacturing, operations management, production management, quality.
  • Major concepts are: accounting, annual report, assets, balance sheet, cash flow, financial statement, income statement, liabilities, statement of cash flows.
  • Major concepts are: budget, debt financing, equity financing, financial management, operating budget, venture capital.
  • Bonus Chapter A major concepts are: business law, contract, product liability.
  • Bonus Chapter B major concepts are: business intelligence or analytics, information systems, Web 2.0, Web 3.0.

The template for the paper is attached to this item. It is important that students complete the assignment directly on the template so that they can become familiar with APA format used in the College of Business. Spelling and grammar count. All work must be in students' own words, and may not be copy and pasted from the video website or other sources.

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Financial Management: Discuss a major concepts to a kickstarter project
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