Diagnosis of lung cancer with bony metastatic

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Age: 69 Diagnosis: Suspected Lung cancer, with bony metastatic History: The patient has a speculated module right upper lobe with mediastinal lymphadenopathy and evidence of pulmonary and bony metastatic (CT scan).

Living Arrangements: The patient's wife passed, pt independent and supported by neighbours and friends. Previous Medical History: Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hypoglycemia, COPD, abstractive sleep apnea (CPAP), nephrolithiasis, and prostate surgery Need to breathe RR: 16 Rhythm: Wheezing present O2:1st -84 with breathing exercises 93, 2nd -77 with breathing exercises 95 Cough: No Patient on O2: Yes, patient was placed on O2 around 1600 Teaching: Breathing exercises Other factors affecting respiration. (anxiety, depression, pain): The patient has anxiety. Subjective: The patient reports anxiety and living arrangements of being independent and supported by his neighbours and friends. The patient advises he is winded moving around.

Objective: Patient RR is 16, and presence of wheezing. Patient oxygen saturation levels were 84 and 77 before breathing exercises and 93 and 95 after. The patient's vitals. Suspected diagnosis of lung cancer with bony metastatic (CT scan). The patient was placed on oxygen around 1600. based on the information provided please fill this out Nursing Diagnosis Expected Outcome Nursing interventions(provide 2-3) Rationale Evaluation

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