Development of the rpf and of the final proposal


You are the project manager in charge of research at a firm that has been contacted by the Sweet Briar College (SBC) research group. They have been extended the letter in the file titled "customer statement capstone spring 2016" - a request to the college to support sap flow collection in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The college has reached out to your firm for support.

As the project manager with vast experience in these types of project proposals, you have been tasked with completing the request for proposal (RFP) from your team in order to present to the group at SBC. They will use this RFP in drafting their proposal to the potential customer. In essence, you are a consultant for the college on this RFP charged with developing the criteria necessary to answer the customer request. So far, members of your team have completed sections 1-5 of the RFP

To accompany the RFP, and to help teach the SBC team, you will need to complete a memorandum supporting the collection of all sections of the RFP, as well as to complete sections 6 - 8 on your own. In your memorandum, you will need to cover the tools your team used to generate the information in each of the sections. Additionally, spell out the criteria required to properly make a decision whether or not to move forward with a project of this type. Use your experience as project manager to develop these criteria, and include specific tools, techniques, and communications required to establish a complete set of data on which to base your decisions. You are writing the go/kill criteria for the college.

The team at SBC has provided you with information on sap flow sensors, as well as the proposed technical solution strategy that their proposal is to be based on - "sensors-12-00954" and "Sap Flow Sensors_Capstone Presentation" respectively. Your technical team has verified this information as accurate. As project leader, you should also include discussion of any missing technical information that would be beneficial to the development of this RPF and of the final proposal to the customer.

You will turn in two documents -


2)Completed RFP

Request for Solution File

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Project Management: Development of the rpf and of the final proposal
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