Develop the strategies for global e-commerce division

Case Study :

Your task is to continue to develop the strategies necessary to implement the global e-commerce division. This case will further develop the online marketing content.

Your Challenge

You have been asked to address the following issues and provide a written report to the CEO of HBFA. Your report should address, at a minimum, the following:

1. Create a news release announcing the grand opening of the HBFA e-commerce division. Detail the product offerings and the awards won by the company. Make sure to include the web address you selected. Ensure the news release is well written and is concise in nature. Research other company news releases to get an idea of the length and flow of the document. Make sure to follow the proper format for online news releases.

2. Create a mass email to announce the e-commerce division to our customers and investors. Be creative and make the email concise, eye-catching, and informative.


The paper will be graded on accuracy, creativity, content, and spelling/grammar.

 Be sure to include your approved domain name on the title page.

 This written report will be presented to the CEO of HBFA. Keep in mind that the CEO is not familiar with the technical jargon or specifics of e-commerce. This report should be written in a manner that will instill confidence in your recommendations.

 The paper should be well-structured and demonstrate your ability to analyze the issue as it relates to the course. The content should illustrate critical thinking skills. While there is no minimum word requirement, a one sentence answer to each question will not qualify as "critical thinking".

 The paper should be free from spelling errors and basic grammatical mistakes (including paragraph breaks).

 The paper should include a title page and a reference page. Use APA 6th edition style to format the reference page.

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Strategic Management: Develop the strategies for global e-commerce division
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