Develop swimlane diagram for efficient operational process

Problem: You are a consultant hired to improve operations for Canada Post - Ecommerce Division. Your task as a consultant would be to ensure a smooth and efficient process for Ecommerce companies using Canada Post as their primary shipping company.   Canada Post must be integrated into there warehouse and shipping platforms.  As well, the process included in your responsibility includes:

  • Shipment Creation
  • Shipment Tracking
  • International and Domestic Shipping Option
  • Pricing
  • Shipment pickup /drop off
  • Shipment acceptance / reject
  • Shipment consolidation at Canada Post Depot.
  • Movement of shipments withing Canada Post system
  • Tracking capabilities on truck, warehouse and depot.
  • Final Customer signature tracking.
  • Dispute / Complaints Tracking
  • Returns Processing

As a consultant for Canada Post - E-Commerce Division, develop a Swimlane Diagram for an efficient operational process, that includes all the interactions listed above.

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Operation Management: Develop swimlane diagram for efficient operational process
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