Develop a clinical sourcebook of neurogenic diagnostic



Each student will develop a Clinical Sourcebook of useful neurogenic diagnostic/therapy materials for each disorder, such as readings for collecting language samples, good quality pictures to use in testing for prosopagnosia, therapy techniques for cognitive rehabilitation, etc. This sourcebook is a major class requirement, intended to serve as a professional tool for clinical activities in adult rehabilitation. As you move through your disability's courses, you will be adding to your sourcebook (e.g., motor speech, voice, communication modalities). You are to find and develop your informational content based on what works for you as a quick reference in preparation for Level 4.

So create a booklet with everything that that is Aphasia, including stroke, TbI, motor speech.

This needs to include conditions, definitions, pictures, treatments..and so on.

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Biology: Develop a clinical sourcebook of neurogenic diagnostic
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