Determine the km and vmax for the enzyme

Data from enzyme kinetic studies of an enzyme at specific substrate concentration. Data below also include from studies with town different inhibitors

[S] (mM) Vo (uM/sec) Vo (uM/sec) Vo (uM/sec)
w/o inhibitor w/inhibit A w/inhibit B

1.3 2.5 1.17 0.62
2.6 4.00 2.10 1.42
6.5 6.3 4.0 2.65
13.0 7.6 5.70 3.12
26.0 9.0 7.20 3.58

Determine the Km and Vmax for the enzyme not inhibited. Plot all. What types of inhibition is displayed by inhibitor A and B? Would these inhibitors have an affinity for ES or E?

Everytime I plot this it is a curved line upside down. I do not know what I am doing wrong??? Please give me step by step. I am a very visual person.

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Biology: Determine the km and vmax for the enzyme
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