Describe the social responsibilities that the nypd

Social responsibilities in UAV implementation

I am looking for specific examples of ownership of intellectual output, privacy of personal information and internal organizational communications, accuracy and quality of information, access to information, flow and content of information, and obligations of organizations created by the use of information. About 300 words.

I need a bit of direction to incorporate into my paper.

The background is as follows:

Describe the social responsibilities that the NYPD may have in implementing UAVs. Include information on how these social responsibilities are addressed by technology and relate to police officers, dispatchers, pilots, senior managers, and the public. Identify the ethical issues for the organization and individuals along with the effect that current or emerging technology has on these issues. Describe how senior officers implementing the UAV system might use technology in supporting the NYPD and individuals in meeting social and ethical responsibilities. Include policies that exist or might exist for this support

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Operation Research: Describe the social responsibilities that the nypd
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