Describe the field of advanced law enforcement


Discussion 1

"Putting It All Together" Please respond to the following:

Specify the top three (3) concepts or skills you learned in this course that you believe will be the most useful to you in your present or future professional career or education. Provide at least one (1) specific example to support your response.

Explain the main reasons why these three (3) concepts or skills you described are important to someone in the field of advanced law enforcement.

Discussion 2

Society, Law and Government

Describe the most important 1 to 2 concepts that you learned in this class. If your viewpoints toward the court system and the judicial process have changed during this course, explain the manner in which you specifically believe your viewpoint has changed. If you have not changed your viewpoint, provide evidence from this class that you believe supports your views.

Discussion 3


The Confidence Advantage

How have the strategies you've learned throughout this course helped you begin mastering your career confidence? Describe how you plan to use what you've learned to build, apply, maintain, and/or project your confidence in the workplace.

What advice would you give another student regarding their plan to harness the power of their confidence at work?

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