Describe culture and socialization

Discussion Post: Socialization

Choose one of the following questions:

• Do people adjust their role performance and presentation of the self to affect the opinion of others? Would you say that we have different "social selves" that we present in different settings? How does this relate to the concepts of impression management and/or the looking-glass self? Provide examples in your explanation.

• Do you think the mass media significantly contributes to the socialization process? When answering this question be sure to identify and describe the major agents of socialization in U.S. society today. Has the media changed social interaction? Also share a recent news piece (within the last 3 months) that relates to the impact of the media on society. Briefly describe the news piece and please include a link for the article, video, etc. (a full citation is not needed).

Meets the following course objectives:

1) Apply a sociological perspective to the social world

2) Analyze contemporary social issues using the sociological imagination and use sociological theories and concepts to analyze everyday life.

3) Describe culture and socialization.

The response must include a reference list. Using Times New Roman 12 pnt font, double-space, one-inch margins, and APA style of writing and citations.

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