Describe a possible future scenario of racial interaction


Project: Final Course Project: Presentation

Imagine you are preparing to give a presentation to the United Nations General Assembly or the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights advocating for a racial or ethnic group from a country of your choosing. In the analysis you offer, you want to accomplish the following:

• Provide your audience with an effective summary of the history of the racial or ethnic group you have chosen as it relates to prejudice, discrimination, and assimilation they have experienced in that country. You would want to present in-depth coverage of 2-3 important events or circumstances that shaped this history so as to be compelling to your audience.

• Analyze in-depth 2-3 examples of stereotypes and instances of discrimination that the racial or ethnic group has faced.

• Show proof of inequality by comparing their participation rates, employment levels, poverty rates, and income levels with another racial or ethnic group in that country.

• Convincingly analyze the social, political, economic, and contextual factors that have contributed to the prejudice, discrimination, and assimilation experienced by the racial or ethnic group you have chosen to analyze.

• Describe a possible future scenario of racial and ethnic interaction in the country you chose to examine based on the trends you see emerging in that country. Justify the reasoning behind your outlook.


• Your analysis should involve a racial or ethnic group you chose to discuss in Weeks 3 (Jewish Americans), or week 4 (South Africa).

• Support your analysis by making at least five documented references to your course readings and five documented references to scholarly resources found through the Walden Library.

• Follow the examples of documentation in the "Common Reference List Examples" and apply proper APA formatting to cite your sources.

• Each slide should be accompanied by substantial notes (within the "Notes" section) that provide greater details into each point addressed in that slide.

• Use pictures and graphics only if they add to the effectiveness of your presentation.

• All external sources (data, quotes, images, graphics, etc.) need to be properly cited.

• For resources on how to create a slide presentation using PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi, you can refer to the Optional Resources (Creating a Slide Presentation) this week. If you prefer to use another presentation tool, get approval from your Instructor.

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