Describe a correctional counselor


Case Study 1

You are a mental health professional in a prison. During a counseling session, an offender informs you that an inmate is planning to "take down" another inmate because of an ongoing disagreement that has included serious physical altercations in the past. You have reason to believe that your client is telling the truth and has no ulterior motives for sharing this information. Your client's spouse has also left you a message regarding the issue and is requesting a call back.

Case Study 2

You are a mental health professional in a correctional setting. You are treating an offender who voluntarily sought treatment for past trauma related to domestic violence and sexual assault. She informs you that there is an ongoing investigation against the perpetrator, who is her ex-boyfriend. She is afraid to testify and/or provide information against him but has shared information with you during sessions. You are contacted by the prosecutor for information regarding the case and have a full release of information for the prosecutor signed by your client. Your client's sister has also left you a message regarding the issue and is requesting a call back.

Create a visually engaging 8 to 10 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that describes how you, as a correctional counselor or case manager, would report, document, and resolve the ethical dilemma. Use speaker notes for most of your information with bullet points and graphics for your slides.

Incorporate course materials into each step in the process of resolving the ethical dilemma.

Use an ethical code of conduct to justify your actions related to reporting, documenting, and resolving the ethical dilemma. You may use an ethical code presented in course materials or one applicable to your future career, such as the ethical code of the National Association of Social Workers or the National Organization for Human Services.

Include a minimum of three sources, two of which should be course materials.

Format any citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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