Define the null and research hypothesis


The five-step process is important for validating and testing the hypothesis. For this assignment, develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes ten slides for a typical health-related scenario using the five-step process. Ensure you include the following:

1. Use a real-world example (e.g., data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]) for each step of the hypothesis testing process. See examples of research information below.

2. Define the null and research hypothesis.

3. Include a 150 to 200-word description in the notes section of each slide. Please be sure to include APA formatted references. (Notes section requirement not required for the title page or reference page.)

4. Conclude with why all five of these steps are important and why we include the hypothesis testing in biostatistics.

5. Incorporate a title slide and a reference slide with any references you used to create your presentation. These two slides do not count toward the ten slide requirements.


The reliability of measuring physical haracteristics of spiculated masses on mammography by M P SAMPAT, G J WHITMAN

Integrating genealogical and dynamical modelling to infer escape and reversion rates in HIV epitopes by Duncan Palmer, John Frater

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Biology: Define the null and research hypothesis
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