Define marketing-curb appeal and word of mouth


Part 1

1. List three (3) suggestions for budget parameters to ensure that you "live within" your budget.

2. List three (3) possible outcome of your actual monthly income compare to the budgeted income for the month.

3. What is the largest expense incurred in a child care program?

4. What are some considerations for developing a salary schedule? (What should be considered as earning an employee more money, etc.)

5. List six (6) employee benefits you might consider that would attract potential employees.

Part 2

1. Define marketing, curb appeal, and word of mouth.

2. What should you do to make a good first impression on potential employees and/or prospective customers?

3. List seven (7) important steps to securing enrollment of a prospective customer.

4. List several places where you could display a brochure of your facility in an effort to get your name out to the public.

5. List several suggestions for producing your own brochure.

6. How can technology be used as a marketing tool?

7. List ten (10) enrollment builders.

Textbook: Handbook for Early Childhood Administrators

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