Creating the cash general ledger account

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The following items relate to the activities of Doke Company Ltd. during June 2018:

a. At June 30, the cash account shows a balance of $1,200.

b. The June bank statement shows a balance of $64.

c. Of four cheques not returned by the bank in May, one still has not been returned in June: cheque no. 208 in the amount of $80.

d. Doke deposited cash received on June 29 (in the amount of $1,000) and June 30 (in the amount of $200) in the night depository on June 29 and 30, a Saturday and Sunday, respectively; these deposits do not appear on the bank statement.

e. On reviewing the cheques returned with the bank statement, Doke found the following:

cheque no. 214, properly made out for $45, was coded as a debit to Office Supplies Expense and a credit to the Cash general ledger account for $54; a cheque of Poke Company in the amount of $200 was incorrectly processed through Doke's bank account by the bank.

f. Bank service charges for the month totalled $5.

g. Cheque no. 261 for $180 written in June was not returned with the cancelled cheques.


1. Prepare a bank reconciliation at June 30, 2018.

2. Prepare the necessary adjusting journal entries to make the Cash general ledger account agree with the bank reconciliation adjusted cash balance at June 30.

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Accounting Basics: Creating the cash general ledger account
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