Create strong contrast that enhance statistical power

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A. Was there adequate statistical power? Did the manner in which the independent variable was operationalized create strong contrast that enhance statistical power? Was precision enhanced by controlling confounding variables? If hypothesis were not supported (e.g., hypothesize relationship was not found), is it possible that statistical conclusion validity was compromise and the results are wrong?

B. In interventional studies, did the researchers attended intervention, Fidelity? For example, or staff adequately trained? What's the implementation of the intervention monitored? Was attention paid to both the delivery and receipt of the intervention?

C. What evidence does the report provide that selection biases were eliminated or minimized? What steps were taken to control confounding participant characteristics that could affect the equivalence of groups being compared? Were the steps adequate?

D. To what extent did the research design rule out the plausibility of other threats to internal validity, such as history, attrition, maturation, and so on? What are your overall conclusions about the internal validity of the study?

E. Were there any major threats to the construct validity of the study? In intervention studies, was there a good match between the underlining conceptualization of the intervention and its operationalization? Was the intervention confounded with extraneous content, such as researchers expectation? With the setting or site a good exemplar of the type of setting envisioned in the conceptualization?

F. With the context of the study sufficiently described to enhance its capacity for external validity? Were the settings or participants representative of the types to which results were designed to be generalized?

G. Overall, did the researcher appropriately balanced validity, concerns? With attention paid to certain types of threats (e.g., internal validity) at the expense of others (e.g., external validity)?

Critique this research article using the critique tool below: . Schlechta Portella, C. F., Esposito Sorpreso, I. C., da Silva Menezes de Assis, A., de Abreu, L. C., Soares, J. M., Baracat, E. C., de Araujo Moraes, S. D. T., & D'Andretta Tanaka, A. C. (2021). Meditation as an approach to lessen menopausal symptoms and insomnia in working women undergoing the menopausal transition period: A randomized controlled trial. Advances in Integrative Medicine, 8(4), 278-284.

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