Create an aon arrow on node network activity diagram

A - Survey Site -
B - Install Sewer and Storm Drainage A
C - Install Gas and Electric Power Lines  A
D - Excavate Site for Spec House B, C
E - Pour Foundation D
Building a House, Predecessors

Your assignment is to:

Construct a network diagram for this project using MS Project or MS Word and the data on the chart above. Your diagram should include two logical sequential paths to completion and all nodes should be labeled. If you are using MS Word, you will need to use a combination of textboxes and arrows to create the network diagram.

Create an AON (Arrow on Node) network activity diagram illustrating the project activities with two paths to complete the project and a defined critical path. Again if you're using Word you will use textboxes and arrows to create an AON network activity diagram.

Explain your rationale for creating each path in the AON network activity diagram by using the notes feature in MS Project or in MS Word if that's where you created the diagrams. Your rationale should be at least 100 words and should demonstrate project management best practices (a forward path).

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Computer Networking: Create an aon arrow on node network activity diagram
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