Create a case management plan for the client

Case: Alice's story

Alice is 18 and a single mother to two young children, Joel (just turned 3) and Connie (just turned 1 year).

Alice had a difficult early childhood. She moved many times and lived with various relatives in an urban aboriginal community. Her education was often interrupted and, as a result, her reading/writing and numeracy skills are minimal.

Alice's own mother died 2 years ago. She never really recovered from having been forcibly removed from her own family as a child. She experienced mental health and alcohol dependency most of her life.

Her mother's death has left Alice with no real support and no established connections with her family in northern Queensland. Even so, Alice is resilient and resourceful.

She's determined not to have this situation repeated in the lives of her own children so is keen to give them a stable home and school experience (when the time comes).

Meanwhile, Alice and the children depend totally on the support payments she receives from Centrelink. Alice has also recently been told to leave the terrace house she has been sharing with a cousin and her cousin's boyfriend. She has a week before she needs to vacate.

This is the last straw for Alice and she has become uncharacteristically depressed.

Assessment Items

Develop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management  / Conduct complex assessment and referral  /Work Intensively with clients Establish and monitor a case plan.


Part 1 - Assessment Report

Create a 1000 Words.

You will be given a comprehensive case study for a client with complex needs. You are to write an assessment report for this client that identifies and outlines the issues present, why they are complex and suggested strategies for addressing these issues within a case management framework.

You are to assume that you are the Case Manager. You will be completing this assessment report with the view to compiling a case plan for the client.

You are to address the following within your assessment report

• A summary of the client's situation and strengths

• An analysis of the client's short and long term needs taking into consideration what might be the underlying causes of their current circumstances.

• Outline of the potential risk factors and suggested management strategies for these risks

• Recommendations for interventions in this case including consideration of your role and the role of others in relation to addressing the needs of the client.

• Suggestions for how the case will be monitored and reviewed including how you will monitor external service providers.

• An outline of how you will ensure that the client is appropriately informed about their rights and responsibilities. Your answer should include how you will ensure that the client remains adequately informed of the casework process and is included in decision-making processes.

A suggested template for the report will be provided however you may use your own template if you wish but you must discuss this option with your teacher first.

Part 2: Case Management Plan

Create a 500 to 750 words.

Following on from Part 1, a written case plan for the client is to be developed that includes the following:

• A list of realistic goals as determined by the client

• identified strategies to evaluate progress towards goals

• priorities and time frames for the implementation of the interventions

• When the plan will be reviewed

• Who is responsible for what

• Case closure/exit planning strategies

• Strategies for ongoing participation of the client

A suggested template will be provided for the case plan but you may choose to use your own case plan template as long as it includes similar headings. If you wish to use your own template you should consult with your teacher first.

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