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Did I answer the question correctly? Part 1: Budget Research and estimate revenues, expenses, direct and indirect costs, and any in-kind contributions for your grant proposal initiative. Initiative to Improve Police Training for interaction when dealing with people that Siffer a Mental Illness Directs cost Training Material- $10,000 for the development and production of training material. (textbooks, handouts, multimedia resources) The amount was determined by researching the average cost of similar materials and adjusting for the size of our police force. Salary/ wages. $62,108.03 • Police Officer Professional Trainer $27,027.23 According to the official website of the department, the salary for a police officer professional trainer is between $54,054.46 and $65,703.45 annually. Since the class will be for a 6-month period $30,000 is a fair proposal to cover the training cost. (Salary | Join EPPD) • Team Members: 9,580.80 in a 6-month period (The average hourly wage for team members in El Paso, Texas is $9.98 • Mental Health Expert: 25,500 in a 6-month period (The average salary for a mental health expert in El Paso, Texas is $51,000 per year) Over all Total $62,108.03 Venue Rental: $5,000 training sessions This is based on the average cost of renting a suitable place in the area of El Paso Tx for the duration of the training. indirect costs Administrative Costs: I estimate $7,000 for administrative costs, including staff time to manage the project, communication, and reporting. This is based on the average salary of administrative staff and the estimated time they will spend on this project. Utilities: I estimate $5,000 for utilities, including electricity, water, and internet services at the training venue. This is based on the average cost of utilities for similar-sized venues in our area. The average cost of utilities for commercial buildings in the El Paso area is $2.10 per square foot. Meeting Cost- $ 2,000 Estimate the cost for project manager, team members, trainer, mental health expert, and law enforcement professional to attend a meeting twice over a 6-month period. I would have to consider time cost, meeting cost, meal cost, accommodations if applicable, and meeting materials.


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