Concept of killing and eating animals

The following argument gradually increase in difficulty. Use the method presented in this section to construct argument patterns. If a statement is redundant or plays no role in the argument, do not include it in the pattern.

1 Flesh food is not a necessity in the human diet, as

2 nutritionally adequate alternatives are readily available.

3 Many people in the world thrive on a nonmeat diet.

4 Indeed, vegetarian Seventh-Day Adventists in this country live an average of six years longer than their meat-eating counterparts.

5 The National Academy of Science warns that our fat-laden diet is directly responsible for much of the heart disease and cancer that afflict so many.

6 At a time when people are starving in certain parts of the world, it should be noted that a steer must consume sixteen pounds of grain and soy to produce one pound of meat.

7 The grain and soybeans we feed our meat-producing animals would feed every hungry mouth in the world many times over.

8 Cattle are competing with humans for food.

9 Clearly, a reassessment of the whole concept of killing and eating animals is in order.

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