Compare the proposed australian changes to the auditors

The auditor's report is the key to communicate the results of the audit process to information users. In response to the expectation for a more informative auditor's report from various stakeholders, AUASB proposed the new audit standards on auditor's report as the convergence to the international auditor reporting standards (IAASB 2014), to be effective December 2016.

A. Why did AUASB (IAASB) propose the changes to auditor's report?

B. Compare the proposed Australian changes to the auditors' report with the auditors' report on a large listed FTSE100 company from the UK and a large listed FORTUNE100 company from the US. Present your comparison using a table or a figure/chart.

C. Critically comment on the likely impact of the changes to various stakeholders, e.g., the auditors, the shareholders, and other stakeholders.

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Business Management: Compare the proposed australian changes to the auditors
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