Compare and contrast classical conditioning and operant

Consumer Behaviour

Word Limit: 800-1000 words for each question.


The below discussion questions/short-essay questions are designed to allow individual students to demonstrate their theoretical understanding and practical application of important aspects of consumer decision making and behaviour. Each student is to select two of the four questions below and answer each of the selected questions in no more than 1,000 words. The answer to each question should be referenced with a minimum of three relevant up-to-date sources (journal articles). To show your understanding of the subject, the text, Quester et al, should form an information source but not be used as a major reference.

Questions: Select TWO of the following topics to answer.

Question 1

How does culture affect the decision making process when purchasing luxury goods? Do provide examples to support your answer. (Hint: you can compare and contrast various countries to show how this would differ)

Question 2

Compare and contrast classical conditioning and operant conditioning. According to the research you have undertaken, which theory is more effective in marketing? In your answers, provide examples to show how different companies have used them successfully or unsuccessfully in their marketing strategies.

Question 3

How valuable is social stratification/status measurement to the development of marketing strategy? What systems are used and how effective are they? Illustrate your answer with suitable examples.

Question 4

Social media has been described as the new hybrid element of the promotion mix. When considering marketing and consumption communities and communication within groups, what role might social media play in developing the promotion element of the marketing strategy and does the use of social media strengthen the influence of opinion leaders?

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