Characteristics of the quality improvement systems


Utilizing the CSU-Global Library, locate and read three research articles on the topic of systems for managing quality improvement across healthcare organizations [e.g., Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award (MBNQA), and Benchmarking, ISO 9000]. Two articles must be quantitative studies, and the third article must be a qualitative study.

Create a concept map that compares and contrasts the characteristics of the quality improvement systems represented in each article. Your concept map may include graphics such as diagrams, tables, or charts and must provide an evaluation of the effectiveness of the systems.

Your concept map should meet the following requirements:

• Clear and concise visual representation of the key strengths and weaknesses of each quality improvement system with cited support from the selected articles;

• graphic representation of similarities and differences between each system;

• evaluation of situations in which each system can and should be effectively applied;

• Full APA citations for articles under review, formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references; and

• tools you may wish to consider using to create your concept map include: Mindmapple, Bubbl, or EDraw.

Depending on which tool you use to create your concept map, either submit your map file (document or image file) or a link to your map.

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