Certain populations are more susceptible to the negative

EPA pollutants

Question 1. Certain populations are more susceptible to the negative health effects of air pollutants. Discuss your opinion on how we should balance the economic considerations of stringent air pollution control measures with the protection of the most susceptible populations, such as children and those with respiratory ailments.

Question 2. Identify the EPA's six criteria pollutants. Discuss the chemical characteristics and health effects of each.

Question 3. What affects an individual's actual exposure to air pollutants? Discuss the environmental, biological, and physiological factors that influence exposures.

Question 4. Discuss the chemical characteristic, health effects, and exposure limits of formaldehyde, bioaerosols, acrolein, and metals.

Question 5. Choose three household cleaning products you find in your home. Use the Household Products database on the to find three examples of toxic chemicals you find in your chosen products. Identify the chemicals, and discuss their potential health effects. Will you consider replacing this product in your home, or do you feel that the risk is acceptable?

Question 6. Discuss the steps involved concerning the development and implementation of a pollution prevention plan.

Question 7. What are the molecular modifications that can be made to reduce absorption by the gastrointestinal tract and inhalation?

Question 8. It is common in some industries, such as the manufacturer of specialty pharmaceuticals, to have very low yields for the compound of interest. This means that feedstock requirements are high and voluminous amounts of waste result from the manufacturing process. Assume that the reaction yield cannot be easily improved. As the pollution prevention manager for your company, what steps should you investigate to minimize both the amount of feedstock consumed and the amount of waste generated

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Science: Certain populations are more susceptible to the negative
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