Case scenario-enron employee sherron watkins


'Ethics in Action'┬Ł questions referencing Enron employee Sherron Watkins:

1. When an employee learns of apparently unlawful behavior on the part of his or her employer, does the employee have an ethical duty to blow the whistle on the employer?

2. Do any ethical duties or obligations of the employee come into conflict in such a situation? If so, what are they, and how does the employee balance them?

3. What practical consequences may one face if he or she becomes a whistle-blower? What role, if any, should those potential consequences play in the ethical analysis?

4. What other consequences are likely to occur if the whistle is blown? What is likely to happen if the whistle isn't blown? Should these likely consequences affect the ethical analysis? If so, how?

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Business Law and Ethics: Case scenario-enron employee sherron watkins
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