Business ethics-conflict of interest


Discuss the case study below from an ethics perspective (in 200-300 words of notes).

Mr. White has high cholesterol. He takes a medication for it because research shows conclusively that lowering cholesterol levels can decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease. He sees online that a prominent pharmaceutical company has come out with a new product to treat high cholesterol. Mr. White is conscientious so he does a search on the medication and finds that there are a number of Web sites and blogs that write favorably about the benefits of the new medication. Despite the fact that it costs more than his current treatment, the positive mentions of the medication by a number of sites, from people who have a similar situation as his own, convince him to change medications. Mr. White does not realize that the pharmaceutical company has given gifts to the hosts of the blog and shared advice on how to appear prominently in search results. The information he has found may have been biased by the conflict of interest, yet, Mr. White has no way to know.

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Business Law and Ethics: Business ethics-conflict of interest
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