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Development of a scenario (real or imagined) in which a significant obstacle has interfered with typical online course activities.

From the instructor's perspective fully paint the picture with the events leading up to the occurrence (either sudden or gradual),

how students are responding, and how the instructor is handling the situation.

Describe the actions of the instructor. Include at least three responses to the problem, including initial intervention, follow through to abate the problem, and steps to final problem resolution.

Next describe how the instructor would be able to abate or avoid this situation from occurring in the future.

What systems or procedures could be put in place to avoid or better prepare for this problem if it were to occur in the classroom again?

Include a synthesis of at least 3 scholarly sources,

one of which may be your textbook.

Use APA formatting for title page,

References page,


and all content including in-text citations.

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