Appropriate overall reaction

Azomethane decomposes into nitrogen and ethane at high temperature:

CH3 - N = N - CH3 --> N2 + C2H6

A chemist studying this reaction at 300 oC obtains the following data:

Time (x 102 s) [Azomethane] (mM)

0 7.94

1.00 6.15
1.50 5.40

2.00 4.75

2.50 4.20

3.00 3.69

What graphical method will determine the appropriate overall reaction order for this reaction?

Question options:

A) [Azomethane] vs. time

B) ln[Azomethan] vs. time

C) 1/[Azomethane] vs. time

D) ln k versus 1/T

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Chemistry: Appropriate overall reaction
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